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childmeat's Journal

Darth Plumptious
5 June 1983
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1984, 80's music, 9/11, abortion, alcoholics anonymous, all things artistic, anal sex, anarchy, art, beethoven, beyond good and evil, big asses, bipolar disorder, bizet, black churches, black jack, black spirituality, borderline chicks, breaking my sobriety, butt sex, cancer, carl orff, chaos, charley project, cheese, chess, cigarettes, cocaine, cocaine anonymous, collecting social security, crass, crazy clothes, creativity, criminal acts, cutters, cutting, d.b. cooper, deformities, doe network, doomed, double helix, dressing up, electronic music, erik satie, ethical questions, fat, fat girls, fear and loathing, felix the cat, fritz the cat, fyodor dostoevsky, g.g. allin, george orwell, george w. bush, getting drunk, girls, gnostic gospels, heavy metal, hell, heroin, homosexual, humanism, hunter s. thompson, i love lucy, infected mushroom, j.s. bach, jack the ripper, jimi hendrix, john lennon, judaism, liberality, libertine, life in general, loud noises, love hate relationships, lsd, marijuana, missing persons, monstrosities, moral objectivism, mumus, murder, music, narcotics anonymous, niggers, nirvana, nonchristians, not giving a fuck, one world government, overweight, painting, perspectives, physics, point of view, poker, political ideologies, pretty flowers, prison pen pals, prozac, psychedelic experiences, punk rock, rape, recovery, rhythm, riots, ronald reagan, rotten.com, satanism, science, sex, sexuality, shooting up, sober living, sodomy, speed, subversion, superficial knowledge, texas faggott, the 60's, the apocalypse, the beatles, the bible, the devil, the doors, the old testament, the soviet union, treatment, trotsky, writing