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I feel an intense urge to go on a heroin bender  
08:53pm 17/01/2009
Darth Plumptious
Oh the great void that is the moment we live in now.  I've recently took down a video I posted on youtube because it's drug addled nonsense.   It's certainly novel, but childish, idiotic even.  Most of my music is quite childish and idiotic, I have no confidence in it.  I listen to other artists and I hear dignity and beauty, and when I listen to my shit I hear a monkey barking and smearing it's feces on the wall.  But I had a triumph today.  My mother listened to my music and thought that it was very good, and that she might be interested in using it in her dance productions.  It's good to know that what I do is useful to at least one person in this world, even if it is my own mother.  It means what I've been doing the past 8 years hasn't beena total waste of time.  
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